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Dental Cleanings in Albany

Our dentist in Albany is dedicated to your healthy smile and Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds will not only explain proper, preventative dental hygiene, but also go over the best ways for you to continue preventing cavities and gum disease at home. Our well-educated staff not only encourage, but teach, proper oral health practices and the best dental care that will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Proper brushing, flossing and using rinses and mouthwashes, before and after brushing, are great hygiene habits to develop and turn into a routine.

Cosmetic Dentist 11203
Cosmetic Dentist 11203

There are certain preventative dentistry procedures that can be performed by Dr. Edmunds, but the best dental hygiene starts at home with a good daily oral routine. Our dentist in Albany is a dental hygiene expert, and will consult with you before performing a thorough exam to see the state of your total oral health. To make sure the best dental care is being practiced, Dr. Edmunds will do a complete check of your mouth including your lips, jaw joints, tongue, neck lymph nodes, and palate.With all the results from your exam, we will have the information we need to advise you properly on what kind of dental hygiene you should be practicing to prevent any future issues.
The prevention of tooth decay and gum disease are the main focus of proper oral hygiene. Our dentist in Albany knows that once you have healthy teeth and gums, you feel better about yourself, and a healthy mouth creates a strong basis for overall general health and well-being. To help your teeth and gums feel great and look terrific, our dental hygienist will perform a deep cleaning and polishing, as part of our preventative care therapy. Fluoride treatments are another good preventative procedure that promotes great dental hygiene. Found in most toothpastes, fluoride can also make your teeth much more resistant to tooth decay. Depending on the present condition of your teeth and gums, our dental hygienist will go over appropriate cleaning methods, and dental hygiene products, that are most suitable for you and your family.

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