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Thanks to today’s technology, those with missing teeth can fix their smiles permanently by having dental implants surgically implanted into their gums. Our Albany dentist performs dental implants so that our patients can once again have the bright and beautiful smile they desire. We perform implants for multiple missing teeth, single missing teeth or to help replace a removable denture or bridge.

Dental implants are a great option for people with missing teeth that want to restore their smile and also reduce any jaw deformities that can happen due to missing teeth. Patients who are candidates for dental implants are those with healthy gums and bone that can hold the implant in place. You should be prepared to engage in good oral hygiene habits and regular checkups when you’re considering dental implants. Should you elect to perform the implant procedure, we’ll start with an appointment and individualized treatment plan that addresses everything you’ll need to know to prepare for the procedure. Once the area is decided upon and has been analyzed by our dentist, the implant will be placed in the mouth directly into the bone socket. Implants are made from titanium, which make them extremely strong and durable. In fact, implants are stronger than a natural tooth root.

After being implanted, the site is covered with a crown or cap to protect the implant. The healing process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks, at which time multiple dentist visits will be required to check on the status of the implant and to make sure it’s adhering correctly to the bone. Anyone considering dental implants should call to make an appointment with our Albany dentist. We’ll begin with a consultation and go from there, scheduling future appointments so that the process goes as quickly and easily as possible, without any delay.  Implants can change someone’s life and give them the smile they deserve to have.

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