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Have suffered damage to your beautiful new dental work? In the best case scenarios dental work such as fixed dentures or dental bridges can last up to twenty years, but in some cases these beautiful dental prosthodontics can become chipped or cracked due to misuse, accident, or injury. However, with a visit to the right dentist, your care may be easier and more affordable than you think. At your local Albany dental office we understand the needs of our patients both personally and financially. That’s why we strive to offer the best care in our area that works to your specific needs. To find out how your damaged dental work can still be saved, simply visit the practice of Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds and ask if dental bridge repairs are right for you.

12203 Dentist

12203 Dentist

Dental bridges are one of the most practical and beautiful ways to replace missing teeth and restore beautiful smiles to a picture of perfect. For most of us, dental bridges can last indefinitely, so long as patients maintain proper oral hygiene routines as well as regular biannual visits to trusted Albany dental office for regular cleanings and comprehensive examinations. However, in some cases a physical injury or accident can cause your dental bridges to become damaged in the process. If you have received a blow to the jaw from sports conduct, or simply have suffered a fall or other painful accident, and have noticed a change in the appearance or perfect fit of your dental bridge, don’t panic. In most cases dental bridges can be repaired by a specialist who has been trained and experienced in doing so.

While dental bridges which have been broken cleanly in half will require a complete replacement, cracks, chips, or otherwise a loose fit can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new dental bridge would be. Patients are encouraged to secure any loose dental bridges with dental cement from your local pharmacy, and visit their professional Albany dental office as soon as possible to stop any further damage from occurring. Chips in the porcelain of your dental bridge can be fixed easily, needing only minor repairs to restore your beautiful dental work to a perfectly natural appearance once more.

Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff of your neighborhood Albany dental office understands the need for timely treatment to repair your dental bridges. That’s why Dr. Geoffrey B. Edmunds, DDS is proud to make the pledge to provide our patients with expedient care that provides you with the professional dental repairs you need, when you need them most. To insure your smile is repaired to perfect beauty without the need for dental bridge replacement, be sure to visit Dr. Geoffrey B. Edmunds at your earliest convenience.

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