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Many people are concerned with the appearance of their smiles, and you may find yourself among them. Having a straight, white smile that brightens a room can really boost your self-confidence and allow you to feel open about sharing your smile. This Albany cosmetic dentist knows how you feel and is here to correct any cosmetic issues you may have. Everyone’s teeth are different, and everyone has different needs. Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds is here to provide every one of his patients with the most personalized care possible.

Dental Veneers Albany

Dental Veneers Albany

There are many methods used to fix smiles that our Albany cosmetic dentist can apply. One such method is dental veneers. This is a professional treatment that can cover up the appearance of stained or discolored teeth and can even out the shape and size of your teeth as well. Veneers are basically a shell that rests over the tooth. Veneers can be applied to single teeth, groups of teeth or can be fitted for your entire mouth depending on your need. Dental veneers can completely transform the appearance of your smile and give you those perfect, white teeth you have always wanted without going through the process of replacing your teeth altogether. Full dentures are only used when the teeth cannot be salvaged. The natural tooth will always take precedence and is only completely replaced when medical need calls for it, such as severe injury or decay. Veneers are perfect for teeth that are healthy but are giving you an unsatisfactory smile. They can also be used to fix functionality problems, such as uneven teeth or uneven bite. These sorts of issues can not only affect your smile’s appearance, but can cause a significant amount of stress on your bite as well. Every set of veneers crafted and set by Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds is completely personalized and made to fit each patient specifically.

If you are interested in completely revamping your smile, then schedule a visit with Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds today. He will provide you with a thorough examination where he can then determine which course of cosmetic dentistry will work for you. Visit our Albany cosmetic dentist and give your smile a makeover today.

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