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Dental cleanings in Albany

Professionally done cleanings are an essential part of an overall oral health regimen. They’re either used largely as preventive measures (dental cleanings) or as treatment for advanced gum disease (periodontal cleanings). Both are done by our Albany best dentist, Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds.

Dental plaque starts out like a film. It’s sticky and it contains bacterial acids. Fueled by the sugars and starches in your diet, it grows on your teeth and at the gum line, where it erodes your tooth enamel to eventually form cavities. It also irritates and reddens your gums, which are the most common symptoms of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. Dental plaque does not necessarily stay in the form of a film, though. Any that escapes your toothbrush and your dental floss will harden. At that point, it is called tartar, and you cannot remove it on your own, even if you were able to reach it. This change in state does not dull the effects on your teeth and your gums. Fortunately, when you see our Albany best dentist for your oral examination every six months, you will also get a dental cleaning. In addition to eradicating tartar, this simple treatment also succeeds in reversing the signs of gingivitis. Thanks to dental cleanings, you won’t experience the progression to periodontitis, the later stage of gum disease. Its responsible for such unpleasant results as bleeding while brushing, receding gums, and persistent bad breath. It’s crucial to get a periodontal cleaning to address advanced gum disease. This type of cleaning goes deeper, down to the roots, so that our Albany best dentist can dig out the plaque and tartar that have become embedded there.

Dental cleanings done regularly can keep you from having to undergo a periodontal cleaning, so please contact our office right now and book a time for your next one.

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