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Are you always hesitating to smile due to teeth which have become lost from your smile? Missing teeth are more than a cosmetic problem, they also pose a serious health risk to your smile. Teeth can become lost over time for a variety of reasons, but fortunately no matter what level of dental loss you suffer from the latest advancements in dental technology have made smile restoration more affordable and more effective than ever before. Today tooth loss is easier to treat than ever before no matter what your budget with the help of your local Albany denture specialist at the offices of Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds.

Partial Dentures Albany

Partial Dentures Albany

Dentures have come a very long way in the past decade alone in order to properly care for the loss of your teeth. You can find dentures in any shape and size to treat the loss of only a few teeth in your smile, as well as traditional dentures which work to replace all of your teeth in both jaws of your smile. If you have only a few teeth left inside your mouth, your trusted Albany denture specialist can work to use these teeth to your advantage by crafting custom made dentures which work to use these teeth as anchor points to provide a firm grip inside your mouth. Partial dentures can be made in either a permanent or removable styles in order to provide the perfect fit for your oral health and personal needs alike. However, if you need full dentures to replace the majority of the teeth inside your smile, your dentures may need additional care later in your treatment. When teeth become lost, the gum lines of the mouth at the sight of the missing tooth or teeth actually begins to recede, causing loss of bone as well as over time. As you begin to wear your dentures for the very first time, your gum lines will actually begin to grow back due to the pressure exerted upon them in your mouth. While this works to improve the health of your smile, what this also does is cause your dentures to need additional care through a follow up appointment to adjust your dentures due to the changes in your mouth and insure a perfect fit for your smile.

For the very best in dental prosthodontics, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Albany denture specialist at the offices of Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over 29 years with the latest in state of the art technology and personalized care, as well as easy payment options to insure care is always affordable. With the help of Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds your smile can be restored to a picture of perfect health once more.

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