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Albany Laser Dentist

12203 Laser Dentistry

At the office of Dr. Geoffrey Edmunds, the number one Albany laser dentist, we love to utilize the latest advancements in the field of laser dentistry to make many of our services that much more comfortable, convenient, and effective for our loyal patients. Laser dentistry has improved so many of our services, but perhaps the two that are most commonly used are for gum reshaping, and to treat tooth decay. Tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues in the patients that visit our Albany laser dentist, and so we are glad to now have a treatment option that better addresses the issue and makes recovery a smoother and easier process for our patients.

12203 Dental Decay

12203 Dental Decay

Tooth decay issues can now be addressed with less pain as a result of our advanced laser technologies and techniques. When it comes to gum reshaping, our Albany laser dentist can now perform the procedure without any cutting at all. In general, laser dentistry can eliminate the need for anesthesia, it can reduce excessive bleeding, and it can also eliminate the need for stitches after surgery. Other benefits of visiting our Albany laser dentist and taking advantage of these amazing techniques include: reduction of tissue damage, lower risk of infection, and decreased length of recovery time after surgical procedures. As you can see, the benefits are truly amazing. Our Albany laser dentist can let you know if any of our laser-based procedures can be used for your individual needs during your next dental examination at Dr. Edmunds’ office.

If you are interested in learning more about tooth decay treatments, gum reshaping, or any of the other many services provided by our talented and experienced Albany laser dentist, we encourage you to visit Dr. Edmunds’ website to browse through some additional, detailed information. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our services or another related topic, do not hesitate in contacting our staff directly for assistance. Feel free to either give us a call at the office, or send us a message using the designated contact form on our practice’s website. Dr. Edmunds and the rest of our staff look forward to working with you soon.

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